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No one knows with certainty just how Vernon got its name. Who named it, when, or in whose honor are all a matter of conjecture.

Some early records say that our town was named VERNON after "Mount Vernon," Washington's home in Virginia. This ancestral home of the Washington's was itself named by Lawrence Washington, the General's brother, in admiration of Admiral Edward Vernon of the British Royal Navy. Lawrence had served under this English Admiral when as the commander of an expeditionary squadron he was commissioned to break the power of Spain in the West Indies in 1740. The American colonies sympathized with England in this endeavor and sent 3,600 troops to join him in Jamaica. Among these troops were two companies from Connecticut.

The expedition was a failure, but the friendship of Colonel Lawrence Washington and Admiral Vernon remained a life long one.

In selecting a name for our town the founding fathers may have chosen to honor our first president, George Washington, by naming it after kits home, Mount Vernon.

Other accounts say that Vernon was named from the French word, "verdure" which means "green vegetation." Its hills were covered with virgin forests of green trees and its valleys lush with green grasses.

It has also been surmised that our town was named for the town of Vernon in Evreux Province in northern France.

Perhaps, someday someone will come upon an authentic document from those early days in the 1800's that will prove conclusively why we are called "Vernon."

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